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Hey! We're Kat & Tay!

We are two passionate Roatan wedding photographers with over 8 years experience. 

Our photography keeps your memories alive, preserving it for friends, family, and future generations. 

Using a documentary-style approach, we focus on your unstaged moments, turning your life into art. 


We LOVE taking photos, and specifically of people in love.

Love isn’t this cold, weird, awkward thing. It’s a dynamic, exciting, evolving, and beautiful thing!!! So why should your photography session be weird, cold, and awkward? We want to capture the awesome bits that make your story YOUR story!! 

Whether we are photographing your wedding or a portrait session, we don’t just show up, take your photos, and leave. We are SUPER passionate about making you comfortable and a big part of that is education. Our guides, questionnaires, and availability to chat will have you feeling confident about your session and your printed products after! 


"Getting our wedding photos done was very fun and felt natural. We love everything about our photos! They are not super formal, they capture a lot of the emotions we felt as a couple and family too. Plus you guys made us look amazing! Would 100% recommend you guys (and we already have)!"

"we love everything about our photos"


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Three reasons why we're your
roatan wedding photographers


It's not uncommon to feel a little apprehensive about being in front of a stranger's camera for a whole day. That's why we work hard not to be strangers! We always spend a little bit of time with our couples before the wedding, whether it's grabbing coffee or a beer on the island in the few days before the wedding (bonus, we can show you allll the best spots you won't want to miss on Roatan!), at the engagement photo session, or on Zoom if that's best for you!

We want to be your friends with cameras on your wedding day, not another vendor, and our couples constantly tell us how comfortable they felt with us and in front of our cameras. 


2. WE capture the moments and emotions

WE capture the moments and emotions

1. WE make you feel comfortable 

We don't want to just capture what you looked like on your wedding day (although of course we will), we want to capture how you felt on your wedding day!

Our documentary-style approach means we mainly capture your day as it unfolds, through the hugs, the tears, the epic dance moves, and the laughs. Having two (amazing) photographers means that we can be in two places at once, capturing moments you might have missed. 


3. our style is timeless

our style is timeless

Trends come and go, but our timeless editing style will look good forever. We don't use trendy presets, make everything orange, or desaturate your greens. We stick to true colours and edit each and every one of your wedding photos with care and intention ourselves.

We want you to love your photos for the rest of your life, and edit them in a way that you will still swoon over when you're showing your grandkids your wedding album 40 years from now. 

WE make you feel comfortable 

"We loved how they made us feel so at ease while taking our pictures. We'd look over and Kat would be behind a tree capturing a picture of us when we didn't even know it. The naturalness that resulted is what makes our pictures so special! We really were so comfortable with them. We were blown away by our engagement photos and it got even better when we saw the wedding photos. The whole experience was fun and they made us feel completely at ease."


kyle + jessica

It's about colouring your memories of one of the best days of your life.

It's about your kids, your future kids, and future grandkids being able to look through your heirloom album and see just how epic your destination wedding was and what your life and love was like in this season of your life.

It's about getting home from work and seeing photos on the wall that bring a smile to your face.

Thank you for considering us to document your legacy.

Your photos are your legacy

let's make magic!

Want dynamic, natural, and candid photos? 

You have good taste!

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Mel & G

"We both loved the energy you provided. That's what sets you apart from other photographers! You made the whole process seem so effortless and not staged whatsoever. All the laughs that you captured were SO real and that's because you guys made our personalities shine through. You're reliable, professional, and so knowledgeable in what you do. We were impressed with everything! You guys totally rocked and made the whole process, from start to finish, so seamless."


andrew + marina

The process

step one


Before you book with us, we love to meet you virtually. We'll have a short Zoom date with you to hear your story, your wedding day dreams, and just get to know you!

You're going to be spending a lot of time with us on your wedding day, and we want to make sure we're not a stranger on your wedding day, but a friend with a camera who is going to take incredible photos. 

Say "Yes!" to the Bes(t)

There's no cute way to announce you've booked your wedding photographer, but we tried (while simultaneously complimenting myself)! 

Once you know we're the ones for you, we help you choose a package that will serve you best and that allows us to document your story in the fullest and most meaningful way!

Pre-Wedding Fun

Wedding planning can be a lot, especially for a destination wedding, but we've got your back! We have a ton of resources on our blog, and will send you helpful guides before your engagement session and the wedding. If you don't have a wedding planner, we are your right hand man (and woman) when it comes to picking the best local vendors and timeline planning for your big day to help everything go smoothly. 

Pretty much, we got your back and are there for you up to the big day and beyond! 

Crush It

You will have the BEST wedding day EVER, and we will be there to turn all the laughs, the happy tears, the hugs, the dance moves, and the epic into beautiful art for you to treasure forever. 

Relive It

You will get a sneak peek of a few photos within the first few weeks, but then about two months after the wedding you are going to relive your epic day with a reveal celebration! This will be the first time you see the story of your wedding day in full, and that is a reason to celebrate! 

After that, you'll get your full online gallery, approve your album design, and we will help you design and choose the best printed products to immortalize your love with.  

step two

step three

step four

step five

We first visited Roatan in 2014 with friends, not realizing that it was going to change our lives forever. We fell in love…hard! Even before we left the island, we were up late at night, Googling how we could come back here. Within six months our house in Canada was sold and we were on our way back to Roatan. The warmth of the people here, the jaw-dropping beauty, the sounds of the birds outside our window... we wake up every morning and cannot believe that we are here!

As photographers, Roatan is a creative paradise! Not only are we photographing beautiful couples and families, but that backdrop….it simply cannot be beat! From West Bay Beach to Camp Bay, we cannot imagine shooting in a better location.

There is so much that we love about Roatan. If we could go back in time to when we were engaged, this is where we would have wanted to get married.

But since time travel isn’t real (....yet….), we are perfectly happy to capture your memories here and bring them back home with you.

Check out our recent blog posts to see what we mean or check out our list of our favourite locations on the island!

And if you’re planning a trip, come follow us on Instagram and DM us with any questions - we’re always happy to help!

Why We LOVE Being Photographers in Roatan!

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